Why Swamini?

  • Cost effective treatment
  • All facilities are provided  under one roof
  • All investigations and treatments are carried out at our center itself
  • State-of-the art laboratory
  • State-of -the art technology
  • Personal attention given to  each and every patient at  every stage of treatment.


Inspite of intercourse without contraceptives over a period of one year, if you heve not been  blessed with pregnancy, you are adviced to consult a fertility specialist to know the cause of your sterility.

At Swamini fertility center, all facilities for investigations and basic as well as advanced treatments are available under one roof.

Investigations in female partner:

  • Basic Initial examination
  • Basic Ultrasonography and follicular monitoring
  • Hormonal checkup
  • Tubal testing- Hysterosalpingography or laparohysteroscopy as required.

Investigations for male partner:

  • Semen Analysis
  • Male harmonal checkup
  • Examination by urologist and ultrasonography if required.

According to the investigation perfect treatment modality is chosen which will help you to conceive as early as possible