Facilities and Services

The various facilities available at Swamini Fertility Center are : 

1. Basic investigations and treatments for infertile couples
2. Treatment with fertility drugs and injections
3. Sonography – Transabdominal and transvaginal
– Follicular monitoring
4. Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy
5. IUI treatment
6. AID (Artificial Insemination of donor sperms )
7. Test Tube baby Treatment (IVF and ICSI)
8. Sperm Cryopreservation
9. Embryo Cryopreservation
10. Oocytes Cryopreservation
12. Assisted hatching
13. Treatments for patients who have recurrent pregnancy loss
14. Infertility laboratory (for blood, urine and hormonal investigations and semen analysis.)
15. Obstetrics services for patients who conceive at our center.

Our newly constructed ART laboratory contains the latest equipments for the production of healthy embryos. 

The laboratory has been able to imitate the environment in human body in order to provide our patients the best opportunity to take home a baby.

Also the state of the art technology gives optimum performance with the ultimate aim of improving the success rate in ART.

One of the many misconceptions about fertility treatment is that it is expensive. The basic diagnosis is not expensive. Many patients conceive with treatment based on simple investigations. As far as possible we see that patients conceive with simple non-evasive investigations and treatments and most of the patients do conceive with medicines.
Early diagnosis and correct treatment accordingly results in early results and lowers the overall cost.

Other services:

Patient education programme :
It is conducted every month at Swamini fertility center. Detail information about the investigations and treatments is given to the infertile couples.

Free camps for infertility patients :

Free camps for infertility patients are conducted at various places

Doctors education programme :
General practioners are given information about latest fertility treatments.

Workshops for Doctors :
Basic infertility course
IUI workshop

Yoga sessions for infertile patients :
Yoga sessions for infertile patients are conducted every week which relieve stress and help the patients to conceive earlier 

Garbha Sanskar :
Yoga for patients after conception to have a healthy baby.

Library :
Informative books, holy and spiritual books and books which relieve stress are provided to admitted patients.
Weight Reduction programme
Weight reduction programs are conducted including yoga and advice from expert dietician.

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