Logical Approach

Normal Human Conception

The patient should look for a logical approach to know why they are not conceiving and how to speed up the conception process with the help of specific treatments.

Normally one of the ovaries releases a single mature ovum (egg) every month and this is called Ovulation. Usually this occurs on the 14th day of each menstural cycle. 

The Ovum ready for fertilization is taken up by the fimbrial end of the fallopian tube. The fertilization takes place in the ampullary part of the fallopian tube if the sperms capable of fertilization are present there. After intercourse, then these sperms travel all the way through the mucus barrier of the cervical secretions, uterine cavity and also a part of the fallopian tube.

Fertilization i.e union of ovum and the sperm takes place and an embryo is formed. With further cell division, there is growth of the embryo.

This embryo is transported to the uterine cavity with tubal movement within a span of 4-5 days. In the uterine cavity the embryo implants on the endometrium, which is the innermost layer of the uterus.

With this implantation the pregnancy begins.

Patients have difficulty in conceiving if they have problems at one or more steps in this normal human conception process.

Inspite of intercourse without contraceptives over a period of one year, if you have not been blessed with pregnancy, you are advised to consult a fertility specialist to know the cause of your sterility.

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